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Catholic Death Rites

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Parramatta. Photograph by Caroline Finlay, City of Parramatta.

The Catholic Church, also known as the Roman Catholic Church, was founded by Jesus Christ. It is the largest Christian Church in the world and one of the most important institutions in the history of Western civilization. read more…

World War One and Indian Soldiers

India played a significant part in World War One. The normal annual recruitment for the Indian army was 15,000 men, during the course of the war over 800,000 men volunteered for the army and more than 400,000 volunteered for non-combatant roles. In total almost 1.3 million men had volunteered for service by 1918. read more…

World War One and Parramatta Nurses

Australia’s involvement in World War One began on 4 August 1914. Many who joined up believed that the war would be a great adventure, but none could have imagined the scale of the endeavour on which they were about to embark. Sadly, many of these soldiers, sailors, airmen, medical support staff and nurses didn’t make it home. read more…

Cremation – Hindu Death Rites

In Hindu religion, fire is considered a sacred gateway to the spiritual world. Cremation is the disposal of a corpse by fire. It is an ancient and widespread practice. Cremation of the body has to occur within six hours of the person’s death in the simplest ceremonial way. read more…

History Week 2018: Life & Death

Join our researchers for a series of compelling talks – Death Rites – which will be held during History Week, 1 – 9 September, 2018 at Parramatta Library.

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Sydney Science Festival Event: World-leading Westmead Hospital


Book on one of the another fascinating Parramatta Heritage and Visitor Information Centre events being held during the Sydney Science Festval via this link: https://www.cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au/living-community/sydney-science-festival-events

Join us on the evening of Weds 15 August for a fascinating journey through the past, present and future of cancer treatment at Westmead Hospital, the world-leading research and teaching hospital in Sydney’s West.

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Heritage Festival 2018: May events

We’re hosting a series of activities, workshops, talks and displays for Australia’s largest festival and celebration of heritage and culture: the Australian Heritage Festival. The theme for the festival in 2018 is ‘My Culture, My Story’.

History Week 2017: Pop goes Parramatta

As part of History Week, hosted by the History Council NSW, the City of Parramatta Research and Collection Services team held an an open day – Pop goes Parramatta –  to collect your popular culture memories! Check out the details, and our Pinterest board showcasing the day, below:

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