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We offer opportunities for individuals who want to volunteer their time, energy and expertise to help preserve and make the rich history of Parramatta accessible to everyone.

As a member of our volunteer team, you can choose to participate in projects here at the Heritage Centre or work on them from the comfort of your own home.

Become a Parra Digivol and transcribe the archives

We’re looking for digital volunteers to transcribe and tag our collections of Council meeting minutes, correspondence, historic photographs and much more. To become a digital volunteer for the City of Parramatta, all you need is an eye for detail and an internet connection.

Find out what it’s all about here. You can easily register at the DigiVol website and begin transcribing online anytime, anywhere.

About the WWI soldier biographies project

In November 2018, we completed a four-year project to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War. We’d like to thank our wonderful volunteers who helped to honor the soldiers and nurses from the Parramatta region of Sydney who were engaged in active service during WWI by compiling their biographies, letters and photographs. This collection of stories can be seen at the touch table display in the Research Library with more biographies being added daily. We’re also working on publishing a series of free eBooks and compiling the collection in other digital formats for future audiences.

We will be launching a new volunteer project soon. If you’re interested in joining us please complete the following forms:
Volunteer Position Description
Volunteer Registration Form

What our volunteers say…

“I think it is interesting to transcribe historical documents and the more work I transcribe the greater I appreciate how the people in earlier times were as clever and productive as they are today…” Noela

“Working as a volunteer keeps me busy and adds to my knowledge and experience.” Afzal

“I enjoy meeting and helping members of the public with Genealogy, Family and Local History using the great resources in this Library.” Beth

“A high point of volunteering at the Heritage Centre was the opportunity for me to research and curate an exhibition.” Anne

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If you have a specific interest or enquiry we suggest searching this site first. If you have no luck please feel free to ask us directly using our research enquiry form.

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