Parramatta Mayors and Lord Mayors

City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Bob Dwyer was elected at a Council meeting on Monday 23 September 2019, with Councillor Michelle Garrard named Deputy Lord Mayor for a period of twelve months.

On 9th September 2017, 15 Councillors were elected across the following five wards of the City of Parramatta Local Government Area: Dundas, Epping, North Rocks, Parramatta and Rosehill. Three Councillors were elected per ward for a three-year term. The Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor were elected by Councillors on 25th September 2017 for a period of two years and then one year.

Back Row (L to R): Cr Andrew Wilson, Cr Paul Han, Cr Pierre Esber, Cr Steven Issa, Cr Bill Tyrrell, Cr Andrew Jefferies, Cr Dr Patricia Prociv

Front Row (L to R): Cr Phil Bradley, Cr Benjamin Barrak, Cr Donna Davis, Cr Lorraine Wearne, Lord Mayor Cr Bob Dwyer,Deputy Lord Mayor Cr Michelle Garrard, Cr Martin Zaiter, Cr Sameer Pandey

The following information focuses on historical research from the 2011 publication “A Grand Type of Citizen” A Guide to the Mayors and Lord Mayors of Parramatta 1861-2011. The page draws primarily on the research of  Shayne Bray, former Local Studies Librarian at the Heritage Centre and compiler of “A Grand Type of Citizen“. As the introduction of this publication stated, ” for the first time, the disparate information available on Parramatta’s Mayors and Lord Mayors has been brought together in a single resource, not only for interested researchers, but as a way of exploring the heritage and identity of Parramatta. The information on these pages provides an insight into the governance of the region and provides a glimpse into the personal stories of those who undertook to lead Parramatta as it moved from a fledgling colonial outpost to a vibrant, sophisticated city.”… More from a “Grand Type of Citizen

Mayors Listed Chronologically

1861  Williams J;     1862-65  Byrnes J;     1866 Pye J;     1867  Harper R;     1868 Bowden T W;    1869 Good J;    1870 Byrnes C J;  1871 Taylor H;    1874 Burge S;     1875-80 Byrnes C J;    1881  Byrnes C J;    1884  Cox F C;    1885 Smith J;     1886-88  Byrnes C J;   1889 Beames F;    1890 Ferris W J;    1891 Beames F;   1892-93 Byrnes C J;   1894 Withers J W;   1895 Byrnes C J;   1896 Ferris W J;   1897 Moxham T R; 1901 Noller W P;   1902 Pearce E P;   1903-06 Noller W P;   1907 Saunders J;   1907-08 Noller W P;   1909-10 Waugh J;   1911 Jago W F;   1912 Collett A H;   1914-15 Graham J H;   1916 Thomas A R C;   1917 De Low R H;   1918 Hill J W;   1919-22 Simpson L S; 1919-22 Simpson L S;   1923 Moss H C G;   1924-26 Noller W P;  1927-30 Collett A H;   1930-35 Ohlsen H;   1936-37 Prudames G H;   1938-39 Irwin W J;   1940-46 Jeffery P H; 1940-46 Jeffery P H;   1947-48 Symonds H M;   1949-53 Mobbs E A;   1954-55 Horwood H V;   1956-57 Hunt E A;   1958 Mahoney D J;   1959 Mobbs E A;   1960-61 Thomas A R C; 1960-61 Thomas A R C;    1962 Flaherty J P;   1963-64 Nooten R W van;   1965 Thomas A R C;   1966 Nooten R W van;   1967-74 Wilde B C;  1974 Wood B R A;  1975-78 Hyam A A;   1979 McKinnon K J;   1980-83 Dickson S C; 1980-83 Dickson S C;   1984 Books J C;   1984-86 Elliot R P;    1986-87 Hyam A A;   1988-91 Lord Mayor Hyam A A;  1991-95 Haines J;  1995-96 Garrard P J;   1996-97  Books J C;   1997-98 Haines J;   1998-99 Garrard P J;   1999-2000 Borger D;   2000-2001 Wearne L E; 2000-01 Wearne L E;   2001-02 Haines J;   2002-04 Garrard P J;   2004-05 Finn J;   2005-07 Borger D;   2007-08 Barber P B;   2008-09 Issa A;    2009-10 Garrard P J;   2010-11 Chedid J;   2011-12 Wearne L E;   2012-14 Chedid J;  2014-15 Lloyd C2015-16 Garrard P. J. 2016-current Wilson A.