Parramatta and World War One

We welcome visitors to the Parramatta & Visitor Information Centre, to view the touch table displays and publications which pay tribute to the Australians who fought in military operations.

In 2018, we marked the end of the Centenary of World War One, also known as ‘The Great War,’ which endured from 4 August 1914 to 11 November 1918.

The City of Parramatta Research and Collection Services, along with a team of dedicated volunteers, compiled the biographies of 1,962 soldiers, seamen and nurses from the Parramatta District – the culmination of a four-year project.

These stories of dedication, courage and loss are featured here as well as the interactive touch table display in the Parramatta Heritage and Visitor Information Centre.

We’re also publishing a range of eBooks from our ‘World War One’ series:

World War One – Parramatta Soldiers – William Horsman

In 1918, Mrs. Horsman, of 'Kiwi,' Manchester Road, Auburn, received word that her husband, Private William Horsman, was killed in action on 30 May. He was 42 years of age, a native of England, and prior to enlisting worked at Richmond. He was attached to the 1st...

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World War One – Commandant Dulce Davies Little

Miss Dulce Davies Little, who lived at Alice Street Harris Park, Sydney, was born in Parramatta on the 11 April 1894 to Thomas and Mary Little. Her baptism was registered at Saint John’s Church, Parramatta, on the 21 April 1894.[i] Miss Little became the Commandant of...

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World War One – Indian Soldiers

During the First World War, over 160,000 Indian soldiers served in France.  The Lahore and Meerut infantry divisions of Indian Army were selected for service in Europe. In October, shortly after they arrived, they were fed into some of the fiercest fighting around...

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Parramatta Soldier – Victor Earle Brinkman

Victor was the eldest son of Mrs J. Brinkman of Guildford New South Wales (Myrtle Cottage, Albert Parade, and later ʺLe Royʺ Calliope Street). He was born in Cabramatta and was a Railway Porter when he joined the forces on 7 May 1915 at 22 years of age. He served with...

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World War One – Parramatta Soldiers – Leslie Frost

Private Leslie Frost, copy from Parramatta Soldiers, Cumberland Argus, 1920 Private Leslie Frost, was the son of Mr Charles Frost,  a butcher employed for many years by the well known Parramatta resident, Mr Hugh Taylor, and brother of Mrs T. Williams of Good Street...

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