Parramatta and World War One

a diary of Parramatta people and events 100 years to the day they happened

From 1 August 2014 through to 1 November 2018 we will be posting hundreds of biographical stories and accounts of events which relate to the actions of Parramatta servicemen and women during World War One.

The team in Research Services have prepared these stories to be released 100 years to the day they occurred and the blog will provide a kind of diary to Parramatta’s involvement in the war from France, to Palestine and everywhere in between.

We hope you enjoy reading about these amazing people and the terrifying and sometimes awe inspiring events which dragged them across the globe to fight against Germany and her allies.

World War One – Parramatta Soldiers – Ray Hector Page

  Private Ray Hector Page was born in Rooty Hill New South Wales.  He was twenty one years of age and single at the time of his enlistment at Liverpool on 19 January 1916. He named his sister Mrs Agnes Baldwin who lived in East Street Granville as his next of...

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World War One – Parramatta Soldiers – Harry Newhouse

Private Harry Newhouse was born in Pyrmont New South Wales.  He enlisted at Liverpool on 7 January 1915 at the age of nineteen.  He had previously served in the Citizen Forces for five years.   His occupation at the time of his enlistment was recorded as engine...

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World War One – Parramatta Soldiers – Walter Frost

Private Walter Frost, copy from Parramatta Soldiers, Cumberland Argus, 1920 Private Walter Frost was the son of Mr Charles Frost, a butcher employed for many years by the well known Parramatta resident, Mr Hugh Taylor, and brother of Mrs T. Williams of Good Street...

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World War One – Parramatta Soldiers – Oswald Nicholson

Private Oswald Nicholson was born in Granville New South Wales.  He first enlisted on 16 August 1914, embarked overseas for service on 19 August 1914 serving in the Naval and Military Expeditionary Force (Tropical Unit) 1 Battalion in then New Guinea (now Papua New...

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World War One – Badlu Singh – Indian Soldier

Badlu Singh was a Hindu Jat born in Dhakla Village, District Haryana, India. He was born on 13 January 1876 and died in action on 23 September 1918 He was a Rissaldar (commander of a risala - mounted troop) in the 14th Murray's Jat Lancers, attached to the 29th...

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World War One – Parramatta Soldiers – Henry Brodie

Henry was the son of Anna Brodie of Smithfield (Victoria Street), New South Wales. He was a farmer born in Blayney, New South Wales and was 25 when he joined the forces on 13 December 1915. He served with the 18th Infantry Battalion in France from April 1917 and was...

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World War One (1914 – 1919)

Timeline World War 1 (WWI) was sparked by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 and ended with the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.  1914 June 28 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to Austria-Hungary's throne, and his wife, Sophie, are assassinated by...

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World War One – Parramatta Soldiers – James Copeland

"A Hero Killed" was the headline reporting the sad tidings of the death, in action, of Private James Copeland, son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs John Stein. The hero met his death on 8 November 1916. Prior to enlisting he was in the Permanent Artillery in Sydney for a number...

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Lady Mary Cook (Dame of the Order of the British Empire)

Vice President War Chest Society  President of the Red Cross Society Parramatta. (1863- Sept 1960) Lady Mary Cook was born in Staffordshire, England in 1863. She came from a mining family where her brothers had left to work in the mine. Mary became a school teacher at...

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