Parramatta and World War One

a diary of Parramatta people and events 100 years to the day they happened

From 1 August 2014 through to 1 November 2018 we will be posting hundreds of biographical stories and accounts of events which relate to the actions of Parramatta servicemen and women during World War One.

The team in Research Services have prepared these stories to be released 100 years to the day they occurred and the blog will provide a kind of diary to Parramatta’s involvement in the war from France, to Palestine and everywhere in between.

We hope you enjoy reading about these amazing people and the terrifying and sometimes awe inspiring events which dragged them across the globe to fight against Germany and her allies.

Parramatta Soldiers – Francis Anderson

Francis Anderson was working as a labourer when he volunteered for service on 16 June 1915. At this time he was 20 and living with his mother and father in Buller Street, Parramatta. He was wounded in action in France 27 July 1916 and was admitted to a hospital in... read more

Parramatta Soldiers – Henry Flude

Private Henry Flude, copy from Parramatta Soldiers, Cumberland Argus, 1920 Private Henry Flude was a driver and 21 years of age when he joined the 20 Infantry Battalion on the 27 October 1915. At this time Henry lived in Campbell Hill Road, Granville, NSW, but he was... read more

Parramatta Soldier – William Frick

Private William Frick, copy from Parramatta Soldiers, Cumberland Argus, 1920 Private William Frick lived in Willmington, SA at the time he enlisted, but had formerly lived in Granville, NSW. He was also the nephew of Alfred Lines of Alfred Street, Granville, with whom... read more

Road to Fromelles – rebuilding the ANZAC forces 1916

The withdrawal of the soldiers from Gallipoli in December 1915 heralded in the next phase of Australian operations in World War One. In the last week of 1915 , the first portions of A.I.F. units, scattered after the Evacuation, began to reach Tel el Kebir, they found... read more

Parramatta Soldier – David ‘Dave’ Hamilton

Private David ‘Dave’ Hamilton was the son of Alexander Hugh and Laura Marcell Hamilton (nee McDonald), Lumley Street, Granville. At the age of 19 years and 8 months, this local clerk who was working in the Granville office of Messrs. Brunton and Co. Clyde... read more
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