Parramatta and World War One

In 2018, we mark the end of the Centenary of World War One, also known as ‘The Great War,’ which endured from 4 August 1914 to 11 November 1918.

The City of Parramatta Research and Collection Services, along with a team of dedicated volunteers, has compiled the biographies of 1,962 soldiers, seamen and nurses from the Parramatta District – the culmination of a four-year project.

These stories of dedication, courage and loss are featured here as well as the interactive touch table display in the Parramatta Heritage and Visitor Information Centre.

We’re also publishing a range of eBooks from our ‘World War One’ series, starting with ‘Parramatta Nurses’ and ‘Indian Soldiers’.

World War One and Indian Soldiers

India played a significant part in World War One. The normal annual recruitment for the Indian army was 15,000 men, during the course of the war over 800,000 men volunteered for the army and more than 400,000 volunteered for non-combatant roles. In total almost 1.3...

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World War One and Parramatta Nurses

Australia’s involvement in World War One began on 4 August 1914. Many who joined up believed that the war would be a great adventure, but none could have imagined the scale of the endeavour on which they were about to embark. Sadly, many of these soldiers, sailors,...

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World War One – Indian Relief of Beirut, Lebanon, 1918

Light Horse Soldiers of the Australian Mounted Division throwing snowballs on the Lebanon Hills during their journey from Homs to Tripoli, Charles bean, Volume 12, illustration 681 In early 1915 the Turkish Jew, Alexander Aaronsohn, travelled to the independent...

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World War One – Parramatta Soldier – Henry Brodie

Henry was the son of Anna Brodie of Victoria Street, Smithfield , New South Wales. He was a farmer born in Blayney, New South Wales and was 25 when he joined the forces on 13 December 1915. He served with the 18th Infantry Battalion in France from April 1917 and was...

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