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The Cumberland Mental Health Precinct in North Parramatta is home to some of the most significant heritage sites in New South Wales. Most of it has been under continuous occupation by Europeans from the early colonial grants in the 1790s through to its continued use as a mental health precinct for the Cumberland Hospital.

In the 1800s this site and the surrounding area saw the erection of one of Australia’s first Government Mills, first botanical garden, Samuel Marsden’s Mill, the second ‘female factory’, the colony’s largest insane asylum, a Catholic Orphan School, a landscape sculpted by the Garden City Movement, and its own sandstone quarry.

The unique history of the transformation of the ‘female factory’ into an insane asylum, and then mental health precinct in the 1900s continues to provide us with insights into nearly 200 years of convict and medical history in Australia … read full post ….

This set of resources has been compiled by the Parramatta City Council, Heritage and Research Services. For more information on Council’s position in relation to the Urban Growth, New South Wales, plans for the site, see Council’s Official Statement.


Thwaites and Reed Clock

Timeline 1792-1983: Parramatta North, Mental Health Precinct

This extensive timeline covers major events of interest which have occurred across the entire site since European Colonisation in the 1790s

New South Wales Heritage Office Assessments

The New South Wales Heritage Office site provides official assessments on the significance, history and description of the Cumberland Hospital Precinct.

New South Wales Department of Planning and Environment Submissions

The Department of Environment website contains links to the submissions made on exhibited plans relating to the Cumberland Hospital Precinct.

One of the better known sites on the Cumberland Hospital Precinct is the old ‘Female Factory’ and ‘Insane Asylum’. While these buildings were eventually spread over the entire site the origins of the ‘Female Factory’ go back Prince Alfred Square and the first Parramatta gaols. This page gathers all our research relating to this long and convoluted history in one place.

Stories about the Cumberland Hospital Precinct, ‘Female Factory’, and surrounding area

Keeping Good Time: Clocks of Parramatta

The Centennial Memorial Fountain in Centenary Square, Parramatta, 2017 (Source: Anna Namuren) Devices have been used to measure the concept of time for thousands of years - from the tracking of the sun by obelisks and dials, to the use of hourglasses and waterclocks,...

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Dr Sydney Evan Jones: Mental health pioneer

Portrait of Sydney Evan Jones as a medical student, c.1910. Source: Friends of Mays Hill Cemetery Photograph Collection The ground-breaking career of Dr Sydney Evan Jones (1887-1948), one of Australia's earliest psychiatrists and doctor on Sir Douglas Mawson’s...

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Images of Parramatta Cumberland Precinct and surrounding areas

Reports and Resource Links

Online Resources List:

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Local Studies & Family History Library Resources List:

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