Carlingford to Clyde

From Sunday 5 January 2020, the T6 Carlingford to Clyde railway line will be permanently closed to be converted as part of the Parramatta Light Rail that will connect Carlingford to Westmead via the Parramatta CBD. The current stations to be closed include Carlingford, Telopea, Dundas, Rydalmere, Camellia, and Rosehill. The T6 Carlingford line first opened on 17 November 1888 between Clyde to Camellia. It was extended from Camellia to Pennant Hills (later becoming Carlingford) on 20 April 1896, and in 1925, Telopea station was added.

Carlingford Station, 2019 (Source: Michelle Goodman & Janelle Blucher, Parramatta Heritage Centre)

Carlingford Station

Carlingford railway station initially opened on 20 April 1896 as Pennant Hills station, a privately owned railway from Rosehill. After the government took control of and upgraded the station, it was reopened as Carlingford station on 1 August 1901. The station was located adjacent to Carlingford Produce Store.

Telopea Station, 2019 (Source: Michelle Goodman & Janelle Blucher, Parramatta Heritage Centre)

Telopea Station

Telopea railway station is a single platform infill station which opened on Saturday 13 June 1925 by Miss Eva Rumsey. It was located on the T6 Carlingford line between Carlingford and Dundas, serving the western Sydney suburb of Telopea. The platform is only four cars long and a pedestrian level crossing was available to reach the other side of the line. Later this train line was named T6.

Dundas Station, 2019 (Source: Michelle Goodman & Janelle Blucher, Parramatta Heritage Centre)

Dundas Station

Dundas railway station is a heritage-listed railway station located on the T6 Carlingford line. It opened in 1896 as Kissing Point Road as part of Bennett and Simpson’s private railway – the last privately built and owned station building in N.S.W. In 2006, a severe fire in the station building destroyed the majority of the building’s original structure. It was reconstructed to the same design in 2007.

Rydalmere station, 2019 (Source: Michelle Goodman & Janelle Blucher, Parramatta Heritage Centre)

Rydalmere Station

Rydalmere railway station opened on 20 April 1896 as Victoria Road. It was renamed Rydalmere on 1 August 1901. The station was originally located on the western side of the line. It was replaced by a new station on the eastern side over the former goods siding on 28 June 1993.

Camellia Station, 2019 (Source: Michelle Goodman & Janelle Blucher, Parramatta Heritage Centre)

Camellia Station

Camellia railway station opened on 21 January 1885 as Subiaco station. After the State Government took over Benjamin Christian Simpson’s private railway line from Rosehill to Carlingford, Subiaco Station underwent a series of name changes. On 14 September 1901, it was renamed Camellia after Camellia Grove Nursery (1852-1906), a local nursery owned Silas Sheather. Camellia station was serving between Clyde, Camellia and Granville.

Rosehill Station, 2019 (Source: Michelle Goodman & Janelle Blucher, Parramatta Heritage Centre)

Rosehill Station

Rosehill railway station footbridge is heritage-listed. Rosehill railway station opened on 17 November 1888 as part of Thomas Bennett’s private railway from Clyde Station to Rosehill. It provided a service to property, subdivisions to the north and better transport options for producers from the fruit growing districts around Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill and Dural. The station was relocated on 14 May 1959 in line with the T6 Carlingford rail line between Clyde and Camellia. The station has two platforms, a four car platform on the Carlingford branch, and a 16 car platform on the Sandown line, which is used by Rosehill Gardens Racecourse trains on selected racedays. Rosehill station was serving between Clyde, Rosehill and Camellia.


Clyde Station, 2019 (Source: Michelle Goodman & Janelle Blucher, Parramatta Heritage Centre)

Clyde Station

Clyde railway station and footbridge is heritage-listed. A single track was opened through Clyde in 1855. This line was duplicated in 1856. Clyde railway station initially opened in 1882 as Rosehill Junction. It was renamed Clyde on 19 August 1883. Then it was renamed Clyde Junction on 1 August 1901 and back to Clyde in April 1940. Until 1920 this rail line was used as a Down Relief freight line from Auburn to Clyde and in 1948 it was converted to passenger line.

Below are a series of research articles that cover the area of Carlingford to Clyde

History of Carlingford to Clyde – T6 Rail Line

The Carlingford railway line is a branch railway line in Sydney. This railway line was opened from Clyde to Subiaco (later renamed Camellia) in 1882. In April 1896, bridge was constructed across the Parramatta River to Carlingford. The line runs north-south between...

Dundas and Dundas Valley – A Brief History

Aerial photograph of Dundas and Dundas Valley. Source: Six Maps The suburb of Dundas is approximately 3 kilometres south west of Carlingford and about 3 kilometres north west of Ermington. It is bordered by Wyuna Place, Greens Avenue, Denham Place, Leamington Road,...

Rydalmere – A Brief History

Aerial photograph of Rydalmere. Source: Six Maps Rydalmere is a residential suburb located approximately 3 kilometres east of Parramatta to the north of Parramatta River, and is surrounded by the suburbs of Camellia, Ermington and Dundas. The roads and streets which...

Municipality of Dundas Council and Dundas Town Hall

The Council of the Municipality of Dundas 1889 crest. (Image source: The City of Parramatta: Foundation celebrations 1978: ‘The anniversary year’ [souvenir programme]) The Municipality of Dundas was initially proclaimed as the "Borough of Dundas" on 23 March 1889 by...

Rosehill – A Brief History

Aerial photo of the Rosehill area in 1943 showing the predominantly industrial landuse to the east, the racecourse in the centre and residential areas in the west. Source: Six Maps The suburb of Rosehill lies south-west of the Parramatta CBD and is bounded by Grand...

Clyde – A Brief History

Aerial photograph of the Clyde area dated 1943 showing combined landuse of residential and industrial zones.  Source: Six maps A small industrial suburb to the south-east of Parramatta CBD and adjacent to Granville, Clyde is bounded by Duck Creek to the north and west...

Telopea – A Brief History

The suburb of Telopea, 1943. Source: SIX Maps: The suburb of Telopea is located between Pennant Hills Road and Adderton Road, spilling over the ridge into the west of Dundas Valley. To its south is the suburb of Oatlands.[1] The suburb’s...

Camellia – A Brief History

Aerial photograph of Camellia. Source: Six Maps The suburb of Camellia is an industrial suburb on the south bank of the Parramatta River, east of the Parramatta CBD. It is part of the Rosehill Ward of the City of Parramatta. Camellia is surrounded by the Rosehill...

Carlingford – A Brief History

The Wallumedegal people inhabited the land in the area now known as Carlingford prior to settlement by Europeans with the first recorded contact being made by an exploration party several months after the arrival of the First Fleet in January 1788. Early European...

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Resources From Our Collection


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