Heritage and History Stories

This page contains links to hundreds of stories relating on Parramatta’s Heritage. From here you can browse themed content such as the history of the site of the Parramatta River Foreshore Development, Parramatta Square, and the Female Factory and Cumberland Hospital Asylum. We also have information on all of Parramatta’s Mayors, and its involvement in World War One.

Origins of Parramatta District Street Names

The area comprising present-day Parramatta was first inhabited by the Burramattagal people, a clan of the Darug, who settled along the upper reaches of the Parramatta River approximately 60,000 years ago.

On November 4, 1788, Governor Arthur Phillip established a settlement in the area currently known as Parramatta Park. The town ‘Rose Hill’, was renamed ‘Parramatta’ in 1791, in acknowledgement of the name used by the Burramattagal.

Civic Place

In the coming years Civic Place, Parramatta will see dramatic changes as it transforms into Parramatta Square. Learn more about the site’s history and what it will become.

Centenary Square

The revitalisation of Church Street Mall and its renaming to Centenary Square provides an opportunity to visit some of the interesting sites and buildings at the square.

Parramatta Stories

From our various collections our team continue to put together research on people, places and events that relate to Parramatta and district from it’s earliest days to the present.

Parramatta and World War One

 Biographical stories and accounts of events which relate to the actions of Parramatta servicemen and women during World War One

Parramatta Mayors

Biographies of Parramatta’s Mayors and Lord Mayors brought together in a single resource, not only for interested researchers, but as a way of exploring the heritage and identity of Parramatta. 

River Foreshore Parramatta

This stretch of river foreshore was arguably the most significant piece of land during the early European settlement of the area. It was also significant for the local Aboriginals for it was here that the fresh water of the river and the salt salt water of the harbour met.