Council Meeting Minutes from 1862 onwards

The City of Parramatta Council was formed in 1861 and is one of the oldest local government councils in Australia.

The first Council meeting was held on the 2nd January 1862 and was recorded, along with the proceedings which followed, in a Council Minute Book.

Subsequent proclamations reflect the name of the Council in the Minute Books as follows:

  • 1861 – 1867: Parramatta Municipal Council
  • 1867 – 1938: Borough of Parramatta
  • 1938 – 2016: Parramatta City Council
  • 2016 to present: City of Parramatta

The Meeting Minutes record the correspondence received by Council, along with the dates of meetings, the attendees, matters discussed, as well as the resolutions carried and defeated. Various reports from committees and sub-committees are also included.

From 1862 to February 1942, the minutes were handwritten with an index at the front of the book. From March 1942, the minutes were typewritten and by 1946 the indexing ceased. A set of minute books for the years 1937 to 1948 also form part of this archival series. From 1991, minutes of the various committees were bound together with the Ordinary Minutes of Council.

These records are original and most of the collection has been digitised. The Parra Digivol project in January 2018 launched a crowdsourcing initiative for online volunteers to transcribe 12,848 pages of the handwritten archives in order to provide a keyword-searchable resource for researchers.

The meeting minutes will be regularly published in batches on this page. If you would like to view the original volumes or require any further information, please contact the Archivist at the Parramatta Heritage & Visitor Information Centre via the enquiry form.

Council Meeting Minutes
Year Transcription Original volume
1862 – 1869 Index  Index
Complete volume: pages 1 – 710  Part 1: pages 1 – 97
 Part 2: pages 98 – 236
 Part 3: pages 237 – 374
 Part 4: pages 375 – 505
 Part 5: pages 506 – 645
 Part 6: pages 646 – 710