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This website contains information and images which are owned either by the City of Parramatta or by other copyright owners and protected by copyright under the Copyright Act 1968.


Images and photographs

Images in the form of drawings and photographs, which are captioned with an ‘LSP’ number (eg: LSP12345) and credited as ‘City of Parramatta’ are released under a Creative Commons Licence, CC By-NC, which allows you to use the images for research and non-commercial purposes. We ask that you provide a caption which lists the LSP number and credits the City of Parramatta.

For example, if there is an LSP number and no photographer credit, write the caption as follows: Car in front of Smith Hotel, Parramatta, c.1913 (LSP12345), City of Parramatta.

If there is no LSP number, with a photographer credit, write the caption as follows: Car in front of Smith Hotel, Parramatta, c.1913. Photograph by John Smith, City of Parramatta.

Images which are owned by other copyright owners are protected by the Copyright Act 1968. You must seek permission from the copyright owners before reproducing these images.

For information on how to access high-resolution images, please contact the Research Library via our Enquiry form or phone 02 8839 3322.


Use of information from the website

Under the ‘fair dealing’ provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 you are allowed to use our content for the purposes of research and study. The Act allows 10% of the number of words on this website to be reproduced or communicated by educational institutions.

For additional information on copyright regulations and responsibilities, view the Australia Copyright Council website.



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The copyright information is intended as a general guide to researchers on copyright as it relates to the Research & Collection Services website.


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