City of Parramatta Wards

On 12 May 2016, the Minister for Local Government, Paul Toole, announced the newly formed “City of Parramatta Council”. The new council population is 215,725, with 5 wards. The land area is 82 kilometre square.

By proclamation, the City of Parramatta has been divided into five electoral areas known as Wards:

  1. Parramatta Ward
  2. Epping Ward
  3. Dundas Ward
  4. North Rocks
  5. Rosehill Ward

City of Parramatta Council plays a major role in revitalising the local government area, providing more than 40 services to improve the quality of life for its residents and to make Parramatta a great place to live, work, play and invest.

Parramatta Ward

The 2015 Estimated Resident Population for Parramatta Ward is 50,136, with a population density of 29.33 persons per hectare. The land area is 15 kilometre square, that’s 1,479 hectares.

North Rocks

The 2015 Estimated Resident Population for North Rocks Ward is 40,578, with a population density of 19.54 persons per hectare. The land area is 18 kilometre square, that’s 1,829 hectares.

Dundas Ward

The 2015 Estimated Resident Population for Dundas Ward is 41,829, with a population density of 29.41 persons per hectare. The land area is 12 kilometre square, that is 1,235 hectares.

Rosehill Ward

The 2015 Estimated Resident Population for Rosehill Ward is 56,407, with a population density of 16.56 persons per hectare. The land area is 25 kilometre square, that is 2,546 hectares.

Epping Ward

The 2015 Estimated Resident Population for Epping Ward is 41,137, with a population density of 28.05 persons per hectare. The land area is 13 kilometre square, that is 1,298 hectares.

Below are a series of posts about the City of Parramatta Wards

Lord Mayor Bob Dwyer 2019 – present day

Lord Mayor Bob Dwyer 2019 – present day City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Bob Dwyer was elected at a Council meeting on Monday 23 September 2019, with Councillor Michelle Garrard named Deputy Lord Mayor. Lord Mayor Dwyer, a representative for the North Rocks Ward, was...

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The Parramatta Soldiers’ Hut

“The Hut” by Nell Gawthorne, held in the City of Parramatta Cultural Collections Artwork Collection (Acc no. 2006.175) During World War Two, community organisations and local councils across Australia were instrumental in providing recreational opportunities in...

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History of Mayoral Regalia

It is reasonably common for Mayors and Lord Mayors in Australia to adopt the tradition of wearing the robes of office on special occasions such as formal functions, Council meetings and Citizenship ceremonies. An English tradition dating back to the 1300s, it is still...

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Origins of the City of Parramatta Crest

Plaque from City of Parramatta Council Chambers building. Date unknown. Parramatta Heritage Centre collections, 2006.146. Parramatta was one of the first councils in Australia to depict Aboriginal people as a focal point for a crest which originated in 1862. History A...

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Cambria Hall – A Hidden Cornerstone of Epping History

The Cambria, Epping showing ‘The Foundling’ c.1917. Source: Hazlewood Collection, State Library of NSW Travelling down the busy main thoroughfare of Epping today, it’s easy to overlook the building at 46 Beecroft Road. Nestled in a strip of small commercial and food...

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Eastwood Brickyards – Eastwood

The Great Northern Brick Company Limited was registered on 1 March 1912 with a capital of £10,000 in £1 shares of which 4,500 were issued fully paid-up to Herbert S Leary and George H S Holliday to enable the acquisition of the land at Eastwood in order to commence...

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Carlingford – A Brief History

The Wallumedegal people inhabited the land in the area now known as Carlingford prior to settlement by Europeans with the first recorded contact being made by an exploration party several months after the arrival of the First Fleet in January 1788. Early European...

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Sydney Olympic Park and Homebush Bay – A Brief History

On Homebush Bay - remains of at least four ships, hulls and barges - Photo by Steve Dorman Indigenous Owners Sydney Olympic Park is part of the traditional lands of the Wann clan, known as the Wann-gal. These lands stretched along the southern shore of the Parramatta...

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World War One – Battle of Beersheba

Ride into History: The Charge of Beersheba. It is likely that the above photograph is of a re-enactment some weeks after the event (AWM: P03723_001) The Battle of Beersheba is one of the most notable mounted charges by the Australian Light Horse Regiments. On 31...

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Eastwood – A Brief History

Eastwood 1924 Eastwood became part of the local government area of City of Parramatta. The Wallumedegal Aboriginal people lived on the land bounded by the Lane Cove and Parramatta rivers. The people were part of the Dharug group and they called their country...

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Silverwater – A Brief History

Google Map image of Silverwater, New South Wales On 12 May 2016, Silverwater became part of the local government area of City of Parramatta from the former Auburn City Council (now part of Cumberland Council). It had been part of Auburn Council since 1906 after a nine...

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North Rocks – A Brief History

City of Parramatta Council GIS online – Aerial Photography of North Rocks Road and Statham Avenue 1943 As a result of the 2016 New South Wales amalgamation of council areas, North Rocks is now a part of the City of Parramatta Council. It was previously part of the...

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Eastwood Falls on Terrys Creek near Albeura Rd Epping 1915 The indigenous history of Eastwood includes the period when the Wallumedegal people lived in the territory bounded by the Lane Cove and Parramatta rivers. Part of the Dharug group, their country was called...

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Macquarie Timeline

1761 Lachlan Macquarie is born on the Isle of Ulva, Inner Hebrides, Scotland. Of six boys, only four survived – Hector, Donald, Lachlan and Charles – and one girl, Elizabeth. 1776 Macquarie joined as a Volunteer in the 84th Regiment, aged 15. 1778 Elizabeth Campbell...

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