WW1 – Financial Cost of World War One

WW1 – Financial Cost of World War One

Allied Powers Cost in Dollars in 1914-18
United States 22,625,253,000
Great Britain 35,334,012,000
France 24,265,583,000
Russia 22,293,950,000
Italy 12,413,998,000
Belgium 1,154,468,000
Romania 1,600,000,000
Japan 40,000,000
Serbia 399,400,000
Greece 270,000,000
Canada 1,665,576,000
Australia 1,423,208,000
New Zealand 378,750,000
India 601,279,000
South Africa 300,000,000
British Colonies 125,000,000
Others 500,000,000
Total of all Costs 125,690,477,000

Neera Sahni, Research Services Leader,City of Parramatta, Parramatta Heritage Centre, 2016
Volunteer – Afzal  Aazami

Volunteer – Afzal Aazami

I have been working as a volunteer in the Archives section of the Parramatta Heritage Centre for about five years.  I am enjoying my work here because the management and the staff are very friendly and helpful. During my work I learnt a lot about archives that preserves all old records for those who need any information regarding heritage, happenings and decisions. Extreme care has to be taken for their safety and preservation from heat and humidity. The original documents and relevant papers are stored in folders and boxes. To back them up I enter the details in a spread sheet on computer. Working as a volunteer keeps me busy and adds to my knowledge and experience.

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