The Lennox Bridge, Parramatta (Source: Local Studies Photographic Collection LSOP 896, Parramatta Heritage Centre, City of Parramatta)

Lennox Bridge – Time Line – 1796 to 2016
1790: July – Town of Rose Hill (later Parramatta) marked
1794: First (wooden) bridge over the river at Parramatta Constructed
1795: Wooden Bridge swept away by floodwater
1796: Second Bridge constructed of timber girders on stone piers erected on site of existing bridge.
1802: Two stone bridge piers replaced by timber trestles
1826: Second Bridge sustained further damage but repaired
1832: August 11 – David Lennox arrives in Sydney
1832: October – David Lennox appointed Sub-Inspector of Roads
1833: June – David Lennox appointed Superintendent of Bridges
1833: Lennox reported on deteriorating Condition of second bridge at Parramatta, submitting plans for a replacement structure
1835: July – Second Bridge reported to be in a very insecure state
1836: October 22 – Lennox announced that construction of a new stone bridge to be built alongside the old one would commence in about a fortnight
1836: November 23 – Foundation stone of a new bridge laid by Governor Bourke
1838: March – Bridge only half complete
1838: September – A section of the new bridge was first opened to traffic
1839: Stone arch bridge finally completed at a cost of 1797 pounds
1867: Bridge officially named “Lennox Bridge” by Parramatta Council in honour of its designer
1873: November – David Lennox died and was buried in Parramatta
1885: November – Plans were prepared for the construction of cantilevered foot way on either side of the bridge
1895: February – widening of bridge from 30 feet to 52 feet
1901 – 1902: Width of 10 feet of the stone arch was strengthened internally for the purposes of carrying the Parramatta-Castle Hill Tramway.
1902: August 18 – Tramway opened for traffic
1912: Parapet on the western side was removed and a continuous foot way 5’3″ wide was added to the bridge
1932: Tramway Bridge was closed
1934 – 1935: Bridge was widened.
1976: Lennox Bridge classified by National Trust of Australia (NSW)
1989: December – Lennox Bridge entered on Australian Heritage Commission’s register
1990: February 21 – Lennox Bridge declared a “National Work” under Local Government ActDavid Lennox was born in Ayr, Scotland, and was trained as a stonemason

2014-2016: Successful construction of portals through Lennox Bridge

Neera Sahni, Research Services Leader, City of Parramatta,Parramatta Heritage Centre, 2018