Memorial Wall, All Saints Anglican Church Parramatta

All Saints Cemetery is located at 56 Fennell Street, Parramatta.

The All Saints Cemetery is of great significance for Parramatta for historical, social and scientific reasons. The cemetery is associated with a number of significant people – Gregory Blaxland, William Griffith, Mary Ann Ralph, Robert and Martha Moxham, William and Robert Goodwin and Reverend John C. Bravey are buried here.

This cemetery was established in 1843. The cemetery comprises a large open space with headstones sited along a central walk running north-south. The entrance to the cemetery has a rustic sandstone curved wall.

All Saints Anglican Cemetery is a resting place for about 2000 people. There are around 1500 unmarked graves which are mainly for the inmates of the Parramatta Lunatic Asylum and other benevolent institutions from the Township of Parramatta. A number of Chinese from the lunatic asylum were buried there.

Plaque - Chinese buried - All Saints Cemetery

Plaque – Chinese buried – All Saints Cemetery

There are 24 plaques firmly attached to a solid Memorial Wall of the All Saints Anglican Cemetery. The wall is situated in the south-west corner of the cemetery, at the junction of Brickfield Street and Fennell Street. There are over 25 Chinese names recorded on the brass plaques.  The majority of the Chinese men were most likely non-Christians.

The following is a list of the Chinese men recorded on the Memorial Wall plaques –

Jien Jang

7 June 1871

43 yrs
Ah Tong 19 August 1872 32 yrs
Ah Sun 15 November 1873 34 yrs
Ching Waa 21 November 1873 49 yrs
Ah Ford 3 September 1874 25 yrs
Ah Chow October 1875
Dein Ho November 1875
Chin Chin 4 November 1869 40yrs
Ah Ping 30 April 1878
John Ah Sue Soo or Sing 20 December 1875 38 yrs
Ah Cock 13 April 1870 25 yrs
Ah Kow 7 November 1879 43 yrs
John Sing 11 March 1880
Wang Now 24 October 1881 30 yrs
Ah Gin 8 March 1882 66 yrs
Ah Foo 21 December 1876 41 yrs
Ah Kun 23 December 1876
Bow Mow 16 April 1877 76 yrs
Ching Yung 11 May 1878 43 yrs
Ah Fat 18 May 1878 60 yrs
Phillip Lee Hung 18 May 1878 39 yrs
Tommy Sue 20 July 1878 47yrs
Chin Fung 22 May 1879 54 yrs
Jimmy Tong 14 March 1879
Ah Hung 12 August 1879 39 yrs

There is virtually no footprint of Chinese existence in Australia apart from very few surviving documents and a name on a memorial plaque in the cemetery. One can only wonder if their families in China ever found out what happened to their loved ones in Australia.

Neera Sahni, Research Services Leader, City of Parramatta, Parramatta Heritage Centre, 2017