In December 2015 preparations were under way to begin the demolition of the multi-storey building located at 30-38 Darcy Street Parramatta. For almost 20 years this building served as the administrative headquarters of Parramatta City Council. The building was vacated in October 2015 by Council when it relocated to temporary offices in Church Street to make way for the construction of stages 5 and 6 of Parramatta Square.

The original building application for the 30-38 Darcy Street building was submitted in 1969 and called for a 20 storey building to be constructed. The application was instead approved in principle for a 12 storey and 1 plaza level building in 1970. Construction was completed in 1972-73 and the building was named the I.A.C. (Industrial Acceptance Corporation) Building. Tenants included the Post Master General’s Department, Parramatta District Employment Office, Customs, Norman Halpin, I.A.C., Field Education International.  In 1976 Citicorp took over I.A.C. and the building was renamed the Citicorp Building. In 1991 Council began proceedings to purchase the building and moved it’s operations there in 1993.

Site of the Darcy Street building circles. On the right of the Railway Arcade

1968 photograph showing the site of the Darcy Street building circled. On the right of the Railway Arcade.

Prior to the construction of the multi-storey building the site was occupied by shops and residences including a disposal store, funeral directors, milk bar and delicatessen. The land was onced owned by members of the Hart family, including the famous aviator William Ewart Hart, from 1877 until the 1960s. To the west of the site was the Railway Arcade on which the Sydney Water building is now located.


Peter Arfanis, Archivist, Parramatta Council, Heritage Centre, 2015


Parramatta Council File 163/616/1