A farmer from Briens Road , Parramatta, Frank Hoddinott enlisted on 13 November 1914. On his return to Australia in 1919 he was given a warm welcome by the people of Parramatta. His father could hardly disguise his pride and emotion in his letter to the Editor of the Cumberland Argus;

To the Editor. Sir,— With your permission I would very much, like to express through your columns the appreciation by myself and family of the welcome home accorded to my son, Corporal F. W. Hoddinott by the Parramatta Welcome Home Committee after his four years’ service with the A.I.F Not the least feature of the welcome was the thoughtful provision of the motor-car, driven by Mr. Melville Morphett, to convey us all to our home at Northmead. We feel that we cannot too highly thank Mr. Mason and his companion for their friendly, tactful efforts to add to the gratification of what must always be the most joyful day of- our lives; and we trust that they may long be spared to take pleasure in contributing to the happiness of others. — Yours faithfully FRANK F. HODDINOTT 30/1/1919

Peter Arfanis, Archivist, Parramatta Council, Heritage Centre, 2014