Andrew Christian was from Coogee but married into a Parramatta family of Mrs E Flook. A public servant, he enlisted on 3 September 1914. His death was reported in the Cumberland Argus in June 1915



News came to hand on Saturday of the death at the front of Captain A. Geo. Christian, formerly a well known Parramatta boy Mr. Geo. Christian — for so he was better known here— was born in ’72. He entered the Post Office Department at Parramatta in ’01. He rose through the different grades, and was transferred to the head office, Sydney, where he became a valued officer in the telephone branch. He was well known in cricketing and friendly society circles in Parramatta some 20 years ago; he was at the time a particular friend of the late Mr. Frank Douglass, of May’s Hill. He married a daughter of Mr. James Tunks, of Ross Street, and later of Grose Street, Parramatta; Miss Minnie Tunks (sister of the well known Parramatta footballers Messrs. Fred., Malcolm and Hercules Tunks). He leaves three children, whose ages range from about 20 years to 10 — a boy and two girls. When he started his military career he soon qualified for a commission, and under Major, now Colonel, W. J. Ferris, he was a lieutenant. He left for the front in Colonel Dobbie’s 2nd Battalion at the time that Colonel McLaurln went from N.S.W. to Egypt. He was senior telephone assistant when he reliquished duty In the civil service to go to Egypt. He lived in Coogee after leaving Parramatta. He was one of the best known, in Parramatta, of those who have given their lives for King and Empire. Captain Christian was very keen in any thing he took up; and he gave close attention to the scientific side of soldiering life, and it is an open secret that his skill and diligence were highly thought of by those who had to pick the officers to go to the front with the N.S.W. forces. Captain Christian was a brother-in-law of Mrs. E. Flook of Church Street Parramatta South, and of Mr. Chas. Tunks, of Smith and George Street, Parramatta

Peter Arfanis, Archivist, Parramatta Council, Heritage Centre, 2014