World War One 1914-1918 infographic (Source: Parramatta Heritage Centre)

While the Research team at the Parramatta Heritage Centre has been researching World War One servicemen, servicewomen and volunteer organisations we have uncovered a number of key dates which relate to Parramatta. Below are some of the key dates we have come across so far. Some cover broader events of the war but we also decided to include dates that were very specific to Parramatta at home and abroad, as well as dates which related to the broader demographic of the current local government area.

Some dates relate to the actions of army and naval units which soldiers or nurses from Parramatta served in. Some relate to the heroic endeavours of individuals while others we have included to mark an individuals contribution. All in all it should continue to provide food for thought as we highlight the contribution of Parramatta and Districts contributions to this major world event.

3 August 1914

Pennant Hills wireless station, and all other Australian wireless stations placed under the control of the naval board.

11 August 1914

HMAS Parramatta and Worrego enter Simpson Harbour, German New Guinea – Australia’s first action of the war

22 August 1914

Richard (Dick) John Cutter became the first Parramatta man to enlist


The Home Front – Parramatta Soldiers Wives and Mothers Centre starts

26 September 1914

First Indian troops arrive in France

30 September 1914

Action at Wytschaete, France and 1st Indian Victoria Cross

1 November 1914

First Australian troops embark from Albany

9 November 1914

Sinking of the SMS Emden by HMAS Sydney,

15 November 1914

ex Parramatta man, Billyard-Leake, owner of Harefield Park, in Middlesex, England .offers his house to the Australian military authorities for use as a hospital

24 November 1914

Sister Edith Faber accepted into 2 Australian General Hospital Nursing Service

1 December 1914

Parramatta Woman, Dorothy Cawood, first Sydney nurse to be awarded a Military Medal, selected to work in the 1 and 2 Australian General Army Hospitals

18 December

Parramatta Dentist, Arthur James Mills, Commander of the 4 ANZAC British Imperial Camel Corps, enlists

19-20 January 1915

First Zeppelin attack at Yarmouth, aerial warfare comes to England

December 1914

1& 2 Battalions arrive Egypt

14 March 1915

Gallipoli campaign outlined to Sir Ian Hamilton by Lord Kitchener.

22 April 1915

First successful gas attack, Second Battle of Ypres.

25 April 1915

1 2 3 4 Battalion – Anzac landing 2and 3 waves

13 battalion – lands late afternoon

26 April 1915

Victoria Cross won by Mir Dast, British Indian Army

2 May 1915

Parramatta soldier, James Durrant involved in fighting at the ‘Chessboard’, Gallipoli

12 May 1915

1 Light Horse – Anzac landing

17 May 1915

Private, Cecil George “Curly” Eather, from Parramatta, killed in action at Gallipoli

Late May 1915

6 Light Horse –  Anzac landing with Colonel Cox

3 July 1915

Maori Battalion lands at ANZAC Cove, Gallipoli

6 August 1915

1 Battalion leads charge Lone Pine

20 August 1915

17, 18 Battalion landed ANZAC

21 August 1915

19 Battalion landed ANZAC

22 August 1915

20 Battalion landed ANZAC

27 August 1915  

Privates Ernest and Alfred Currell of  Baulkham Hills enlist

December 20 1915

1 2 3 & 4 Battalion, 6 LH – Evacuation Anzac

December 21 1915

1 Light Horse – Evacuation Anzac

14 May 1916

1 Light Horse defend Suez Canal

19 July 1916

Battle of Fromellesl

4 & 5 August 1916  

1 Light Horse, Battle of Romani

June 6 1916

45 Battalion arrives France made up of half Gallipoli veterans and new recruits

11 April 1917

13 Battalion – first battle of Bullecourt

21 July – 6 November 1917

3 Battle Ypres also known as battle of Passchendaele

26 September 1917

54 battalion – Battle of Polygon Wood part of Passchendaele engagement

31 October 1917

1, 7 Light Horse Battle of Beersheba

27-31 March 1918

Anzac Mounted Division and Camel Corps – first battle of Amman, Palestine

30 March – 5 April 1918

54 battalion – first battle of Villers-Bretonneux

14 July 1918

Engagement Abu Tulul, Jordan Valley, Palestine

11 November 1918


by-saGeoff Barker, Collection and Research Services Coordinator, Parramatta City Council Heritage and Visitor Centre, 2014