Samuel Burge was Mayor for the year 1874 and Alderman 1865-1867, 1873, 1875–1878. He died 28th February, 1879.

(From The Cumberland Mercury, 1st March, 1879). On Friday morning a well known and much respected Parramatta resident, Samuel Burge, passed away to his rest. Mr. Burge had nearly attained to the span of days allotted to mortality, having scored 67 years at his last birthday. He was a native of Fairford, Gloucestershire, England; but for very many years had identified himself with the fortunes of Parramatta. Both in his private and public capacity, Mr. Burge ssecured the respect of his fellow citizens. As an alderman and also as Mayor of Parramatta, Mr Burge showed considerable business capacity and during the last nine months when he was too ill to attend municipal meetings, his abscence was generally regretted. A Baptist by religious persuasion … (His) widow and children have the consolation … (of his) … entering into an “ampler life” …. His funeral will take place this morning. To Mr. Burge’s mother, an old lady of 90, residing in England, we fear this intelligence will be a severe shock.



Samuel Burge