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The City of Parramatta Council Archives, Library Research and Collection Services Team

The Research and Collection Services Team (RCS) primarily provides services to Council and the residents of its Local Government Area (LGA). Many of the services are made available to the broader Australian community and international visitors to extend the understanding and appeal of the Parramatta region as a destination with a vibrant innovative culture.

Its services include: management, storage and dissemination of Council archives dating back to 1860. Access to library books, pamphlets, and journals relating to the development of the Parramatta LGA from its Aboriginal past through to the present.

RCC also manages, stores and disseminates information relating to the material culture and artistic life of the Parramatta Local Government Area. It acts as a respected Western Sydney based centre for professional advice and expertise relating to: cultural heritage, museum collection management, archival records, family history, and innovation in the cultural sector.

The team develops, manages and programs exhibitions, school programs, public talks and symposiums, research partnerships, and community based workshops.


  • Research & Collection Services Coordinator
  • Archivist
  • Cultural Collections Officer
  • Research Services Leader
  • Research Facilitator/Genealogy
  • Research Facilitator/Regional Studies
  • Research Assistant

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