Volunteering at the Heritage Centre

Volunteering is a rewarding activity …

…. both for the community and for those who volunteer their time and skills to make a difference. The Parramatta Heritage Centre is committed to linking volunteers with satisfying research activities relating to social history, archives and the material culture of the district.

Volunteering can be great fun as well as providing you with an opportunity to learn new skills. People volunteer for many reasons but here are some you may find helpful if you are thinking about volunteering. Meeting new friends and learning new skills. Teaching others your skills and making a contribution to the community. Gaining work experience for study or employment. And last but not least it’s also about having fun!

… BUT before you volunteer please take some time to consider the following. Why do you want to volunteer? How are your health and energy levels? What are your personal interests?  What other demands and responsibilities may affect the times you are available? What skills and experience do you have to offer?

Our Volunteers

Volunteer – Afzal Aazami

I have been working as a volunteer in the Archives section of the Parramatta Heritage Centre for about five years.  I am enjoying my work here because the management and the staff are very friendly and helpful. During my work I learnt a lot about archives that...

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Volunteer – Beth Matthews

I am in my 15th year as a volunteer at the Local Studies Library in the Heritage Centre. I enjoy meeting and helping members of the public with Genealogy, Family and Local History using the great resources in this Library. I have seen many changes over the years and I...

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Are you are interested in volunteering?

Parramatta Council is currently developing a council wide volunteer policy. This should be completed within the next few weeks and we will add the link to this once it is loaded to the Parramatta City Council website. However please feel free to review our position description and fill out our expression of interest form and we will email email you the policy as soon as it has been updated..

Volunteer Policy

A Council wide volunteer policy is currently being developed and we will post a link to this as soon as  it has been loaded to tha Parramatta City Council website.

Volunteer Position Description
At the Heritage Centre we really value the work our volunteers do. In fact we treat volunteers in much the same way as other staff. So to make sure we cover the needs of both our volunteers and the Council we have developed a position description for all our volunteers.

h Volunteer Position Description

Expression of Interest Form
If you are interested in becoming part of the Research Team here at the Centre feel free to download our form.

h Expression of Interest Form