The River Foreshore Parramatta

This historic precinct of Parramatta includes the section of the river from the Gasworks Bridge to the Marsden Street.  It was once the heart of the township where industry, commerce and agriculture all met for trade and exchange. Prior to European arrival in 1788 it...

Parramatta River Foreshore – Useful resources in our library

  1. Parramatta River notebook / by Joyce Cole – LS 994.41 COLE
  2. A river revived: the Parramatta / by Carol Powell – READY REFERENCE LS 994.41 PARR
  3. Parramatta River foreshore signage manual / by New South Wales Dept. of Urban Affairs and Planning – LS 711.558099441 PAR
  4. Parramatta River foreshore plan : 2009-2016 / by Parramatta (N.S.W.) City Council – LS 333.78 PARR – Available online
  5. The cradle city of Australia : a history of Parramatta 1788-1961 / James Jervis – LS 994.41 PARR
  6. Parramatta : a past revealed/ by Terry Kass, Carol Liston & John McClymont – LS 994.41 PARR
  7. The jubilee history of Parramatta / edited by J. Cheyne Wharton – LS 994.41 PARR
  8. A history of Parramatta’s pioneers / James McClelland (compiler) – LS 994.41 PARR
  9. Old Parramatta since 1788 and all that / by Collinridge Rivett – LS 994.41 RIV
  10. The story of Parramatta and the district / by James Jervis – LS 994.41 PARR
  11. Daruganora : Darug Country – the place and the people / James L. Kohen – LS 929.2 DARU (2 volumes)
  12. The Darug and their neighbours : the traditional Aboriginal owners of the Sydney region / by James L. Kohen – LS 305. 8991509441 KOH
  13. Aboriginal history of Parramatta / by Michael Guider – LS 994.41 GUID
  14. Aboriginal history of the Parramatta area / by Uniting Church in Australia. North Parramatta Parish. Aboriginal Issues Group –  LS 306.0899915 UNI
  15. Statement of heritage impact : Gasworks Bridge, Parramatta River, Parramatta – LS 363.69 STAT
  16. Old Sydney windmills / by Len Fox – LS 621.45 FOX
  17. Wind & watermills in Old Parramatta / by Olga Tatrai – LS 664.45 TAT
  18. Queens Wharf Reserve Parramatta : archaeological assessment / Robert V. J. Varman – LS 994.41 VAR
  19. Historical precincts of Parramatta : the Wharf precinct – LS 994.41 PARR
  20. The river: Sydney Cove to Parramatta / Gregory Blaxell – LS 994.41 BLAX
  21. Supplementary heritage report on interiors, former David Jones store Church Street, Parramatta / Brian McDonald + Associates – LS 725.21099441 SUPP
  22. Former David Jones store Church Street, Parramatta : photographic record / Brian McDonald – LS 725.21099441 FORM
  23. Lennox Bridge, Parramatta : heritage assessment report / Travis Partners Pty Ltd – LS 624.2099441 TRA

Other Resources and webpages

  1. Parramatta River Urban Design Strategy [case study] (2014, February 25). Creating Places for People: an Urban Design Protocol for Australian Cities [website].


by-saCompiled by Anne Tsang, Research Assistant, Parramatta Heritage Centre, 2014

Governor Phillip and the ‘Kings Wharf’, 1788

Governor Phillip and the ‘Kings Wharf’, 1788

The first colonists under Governor Arthur Phillip arrived at the foreshore a little further south near Duck Creek on the 23 April 1788. After making their way on foot to this site Phillip recognised the agricultural potential of the surrounding land and access to fresh water. As a result he returned to Sydney with a desire to set up Australia’s second settlement at this site which he named at the time Rose Hill [not to be confused with the current suburb of Rose Hill].  (more…)

Archaeology Collections

Parramatta Heritage Centre - Archaeology Collections The Parramatta Heritage Centre holds a range of archaeology collections from over a dozen sites across the Parramatta CBD, including a regional maritime collection.  The archaeological materials on display at the...


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