3D-scanning Parramatta's history and heritage

In July 2019, City of Parramatta Council trialled the 3D digital scanning techniques of significant objects, which will enable us to document, conserve and share our cultural history with audiences around the world.

The pilot project is a collaboration between the Parramatta Heritage and Visitor Information Centre and Council’s Future City program, using emerging technology to promote and preserve items from the Council’s collections and three heritage partners across the City.

Scanned objects

Next steps

While we’re still exploring the best methods of 3D data capture, Council also has an the opportunity to bring Parramatta’s history alive through virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D printing and future learning and sharing spaces.



Child’s sandal 3D scan

Parts of a child's right sandal, Cultural Collection BIW/1989.00835. Source: City of Parramatta Council. This object is a child’s leather sandal from the right foot. The heel strap is still intact and the two pieces of leather form the sole that were stitched...

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Ming bowl 3D scan

Ming bowl, Cultural Collection ARC2012.4.5.GSP. Source: City of Parramatta Council It is unknown how or why this Chinese Ming Bowl came to be at the Family Court site in Parramatta. Dating from between 1400 – 1460, it may have come to Australia as an heirloom,...

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Emergency food ration tin 3D scan

Emergency food ration tin, front and back view. Photography by Paolo Busato. Source: City of Parramatta Council, 2019. This cylindrical tin, soldered at both ends, was issued to Trooper Ash Whitney during the Boer War (1899-1902).  It has a metal opening key at either...

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Hand operated vacuum cleaner 3D scan

Hand Operated Vacuum Cleaner. Source: Collection Sydney Olympic Park Authority – Courtesy of the Royal Australian Navy Heritage Collection held at Newington Armory, 2019. Vacuum cleaners originated in the 1800s. Operated manually by two people, they blew dust into the...

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Commode 3D scan

Commode c.1880 Collection: Old Government House, Accession No: 2100. National Trust of NSW This commode is of significance to Old Government House (National Trust) due to its direct provenance to a Parramatta craftsman. Made in 1880 by cabinetmakers Henry Tucker Jones...

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Mayoral Regalia 3D scan

Mayoral Robes and Chains of Office. City of Parramatta Cultural Collection 2019.014, 2019.015. Source: City of Parramatta Council Purchased in 1967 from London tailors, Ede and Ravenscroft Ltd, these Parramatta Mayoral robes were the second set purchased in Council’s...

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What is 3D scanning?

A 3D digital scan of the cultural collection conducted at the Parramatta Heritage Centre. Source: City of Parramatta Council, 2019  Throughout history, humanity has made attempts to create imagery through painting, sculptures and stories of anything that is meaningful...

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